Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The World's Biggest Embassy

Reading the news this morning, the State Department announced it would cut the number of personnel at the the embassy in Baghdad, currently at 16,000 people most of whom are logistics and service contractors and security people, in half. The US embassy in Baghdad is the world's largest and was billed by the Bush administration to be the most important for the future of the US presence and peace in Iraq.

And now, it's on it's way to being the biggest white elephant in the US embassy network, a monument to American stupidity in asserting our dominance over a country when and where we are now just another country staying at the whim of the Iraqi government, the one we wrote a lot of big checks to establish. But that's only half the irony.

When the US turned over the services and other logistics to the Iraqi government, we are getting a taste of how the Iraqi people live and more so as the long line of supply trucks normally going directly to the embassy through US-manned checkpoints are being held at Iraqi-manned checkpoints and those supplies are quickly diminishing at the embassy.

It's the old adage, what goes around (our treatment of them), comes around (their treatment of us). And it's in the world biggest monument to diplomatic arrogance and ignorance, the US embassy in Baghdad. Want to bet how many embassy and contract people would rather be somewhere else than there?

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