Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Adobe CC Updater

If you installed the new Adobe Application Manager with the Creative Cloud connection, do yourself a big favor and don't allow this application to start when you login or (re)start your computer.

I say this because if you do, it will freeze your login, start up or reboot until it's open and in the Menu bar from shadow to dark. It will then sit there trying to connect to Adobe to update your recent activity.

And that's its problem, this will take minutes if it even does connect to download your account information for applications. Mine was still spinning 30 minutes later when I gave up checking it.

It's a waste of time you can just open when you want to check your applications, and that's only if you have CS6 or CC applications. Anything older isn't checked and likely no updates are available anymore.

It will be awhile before I get over my anger with Adobe for this stupid stunt they pulled moving everyone over to the Creative Cloud through the Updater, but then again it's not that different than Apple moving users to the App store of OS-X and Apple application updates and upgrades.

But the point here is set the user preferences not to launch at login or start/reboot, unless of course you plan to get yourself a cup of coffee and a snack while your computer finishes.

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