Friday, June 14, 2013


Before the President involves the US government in any capacity in Syria, we shouldn't listen to all the political rhetoric from members of Congress, they're too stupidly political to be realistic, and we shouldn't listen to the President when he talks about secret infomation which he calls evidence, we've been down that road with Iraq.

Before the President involves us in Syria, we should hear what he thinks will happen as a result of his, really our, actions. We don't need to start down the slippery slope of fighting a civil war there. We need real goals, real purpose, and real results, not political.

Otherwise, we'll be in another war in the middle of a civil war where we become the enemy. It will be worse than Iraq and Afghanistan combined because it involves Russia, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Hezbollah and Israel, none whom agree and are help both sides differently.

Let's stay out until we have a clear sense of what is realistic and there is a viable end for our involvement. We all know President Assad must go, but he's not Saddam Hussein or Al Qaeda. He has big backers (Russia, Iran with Hezbollah).

Let's stay out until we know what's achieveable and there's a clear exit. Otherwise, we lose no matter what we do there.

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