Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dear Chief Justice

Dear Chief Justice,

Immediately after you and the Supreme Court overturned section 5 of the Voting Rights Act three states, Texas, Alabama and Mississippi, announced going forward passing laws discriminating against minorities for their voting rights which the Justice Department put on hold even because these were banned under Section 5.

In Texas under the new proposed voter identification law, a gun permit is legal documentation for voting but a student identification, which has a photo, and a veterans identification are not legal documentation. Really, own a gun you can vote, but don't own a gun, you can't vote without a "valid" indentification if you have it, but better bring a passport or birth certificate just in case.

Also in Texas the legislature can and will go ahead and gerrymander the state House and Senate districts to ensure a permanent Republican control of the state legislature, until the 2020 census and the hope the  legislature will have a strong Democratic presence if not a majority to reverse this discrimination.

But until then, Republicans in Texas are making a whites the near-permanent majority rule through redistricting and voting rights. And that's not evidence of modern day voter discrimination which should be overseen by the Justice Department?

In Alabama and Mississippi, they're implementing the new requirements where voters must have birth certificates to register to vote and even vote if asked or questioned, meaning any voting poll station worker can question your right to vote.

So, you and the other justices who voted to overturn section 5 who said voter discrimination didn't exist today, how's that view going with the immediate announcements by state government or political officials to  discriminate against minority voters?

Is that what you call voting rights? Same states in section 5 of the Voting Rights Act passed in 1965 alive and well today, even after you blatantly and willfully ignored the facts, the truth and reality of voting today.

Gee, don't expect any thanks from the American people when you just destroyed our democracy with the Citizens United and Voting Rights Act cases. And you're safe from anyone really telling you what they think of you.

We can hope President Obama gets to appoint one and maybe two new justices who believe in the rights of the American people and our democracy.

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