Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Update.-- I've been playing around with it and wandering around people, and discovered for some strange reason many of the musical artists still have their songs on MySpace. Makes me wonder if Justin Timblerlake, etal., decided not to piss of musicians to replicate all the work they've done and keep all their music files on-line, but screw everyone else?

And there isn't much you can do about the design and layout of your home page except the background  image and some minor stuff, unless you can figure out how to add applications. Otherwise, you're stuck with what you see, and the really dumb horizontal scrolling.

Anyway, good luck if you're on MySpace. I added a link to my Website but after that I don't know how long I'll stay or post anything. 

Original Post.-- I've been on MySpace for a few years but haven't been to it for my account for a few months now, and when I did today I discovered my entire past on MySpace has been removed, all of it, completely except for the image I use for myself.

All my post going back those years. All the images I posted. All gone, and MySpace treats me like a new person, a new account, like, "Gee, tell us all about yourself since our memory of you has been erased."

Like my response to MySpace is my one and only post to them which is a diplomatic GFY. So I'll leave my account to just sit there collecting byte dust since after playing with the new design and user interface, it sucks, I mean really sucks.

It's all just about show, maybe great if you're a musician and want fans or a music critic and like the dumb interface, but that's about it. I don't wish them well. I don't wish them anything. They forgot me, and willfully too. So I'll forget them.

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