Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sorry Adobe

Sorry Adobe, you just lost a customer for a long time, at least as long as I can run my Creative Suite 3 through 6 applications on my Mac Pro computer. I won't be using your Creative Cloud except for the one app I've had for the one year minimum trial period, Adobe Muse, and will likely cancel soon.

What changed my mind after being a fan of Adobe applications since I installed Creative Suite (CS) 2 applications in 2006? Your latest Application Manager application for several reasons.

I updated it this morning and it immediate launched me into your Creative Cloud which I didn't want. It then launched itself on my menu bar without my approval. And then it showed updates are available for only Creative Suite 6 applications and not CS 5/5.5 applications.

You have decided outside of a few applications, namely Acrobat Pro XI and Lightroom 5, all applications now, especially Creative Suite applications, are only available through your Creative Cloud, and while you offer some for free, the important ones are part of the new monthly lease.

I've had and still have Creative Suite Premium packages from 2 through 5/5.5 and 6, but I won't be leasing CC (aka CS7) from you since I won't own it and have to pay you $50 per month for the right to use it, or as they say, pay to play.

On top of that you've decided you won't update Creative Suite applications prior to CS6, including the whole suite of CS5/5.5 applications people paid good money to have over the last 2 years and want to keep updated. They, including me, are now out good money.

I'm sure you won't miss me and I'm sure you won't miss my money. You're betting on new people who start with CS CC and don't mind leasing application where they don't have to worry about updates or upgrades, it's already paid for through the lease.

But tell that to people, like me, who can't afford $50 per month for individual or $70 for teams, ie, small businesses. For now though, I'll stick with what I have and own from you and the one application I do lease from you, for now.

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