Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Companies

For a friend who I occasionally do favors and stuff I created some small companies to cover the types of work I've done for her or would do for her. So here's the company's name and slogan.

The Really Bad Fixit Co.
"There isn't anything we can't fix with Duct tape, a hammer and a few well chosen words."

The Break 'em and Lose 'em Moving Co.
"Guarranteed to deliver your belongings in more pieces than when you started."
"Some lost belongings are part of the service, especially things we like and don't have ourselves."

The Not on Time & Not the Right Place Delivery Co.
"Guarranteed to deliver it late and somewhere else."

The Worldwide Package Delivery Co.
"Guarranteed to ship every package around the worldwide before it gets there."
"It's why it cost more to ship than it's worth."

The Really Bad Advice & Therapy Co.
"We offer the worst one-minute answer to everything, Get Over It!"

All of our service comes with the industry standard 50-50 guarrantee. Everything is warranted for the first 50 feet or 50 seconds it takes us to walk away. After that, you're on your own because we gone. And now we don't advertise our phone number or Website. Contacting us it the last thing we want.

Of course they're all privately held companies under the The Really Bad Corporation. We aim to do the worst job you can ever imagine and if we don't, we guarrantee to keep your money and charge you more for even worse service.

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