Tuesday, June 11, 2013

PDFmate for IOS

Update (6/26/13).-- There was another update this week which fixes the crash, but didn't fix the fact it can't identify some PDF files as PDF format, but some .indd format, and it took some of the tools in Acrobat Pro XI to change the file so this app identifies it correctly. I reloaded it along with the 15 files, but overall it's the same deal, there are better PDF readers than this one.

Update (6/11/13).--There was an update in iTunes for this (version 5.0.4) and after uploading it into the iPad, it crashes. I removed all the files I keep in it, viewing through the in-app purchase, and it still crashes. So I removed it until they fix it.

In short with this app - Don't waste your time or money.

Original post (6/4/13).-- I've had PDFmate for IOS (not the application for Mac or Windows but IOS) on my iPad for awhile. It was free and had decent reviews. So I put a series of PDF files produced by the NPS in it and it worked fine, until that is the most recent update when the free version didn't like some of the PDF and changed the file names and formats, but more so only let me view one file.

And not just one at a time, but only one, the last one opened. It then displayed a message that to view multiple files in the app you must upgrade to the in-app premim version for $1.99. Yes, you guessed it, the free is free for one file and one file only, all the rest will cost you.

It's like giving someone a free bag of chips but then only letting them eat one chip and charging for the rest of the chips for a one time fee. Except this isn't spelled out on the description of the free app in iTunes. Anyway, I bought, but then robbed because it's like buying a bad doughnut, you were screwed and can't get your money back.

On top of that it didn't recognize some of the PDF's as PDF files and proceeded to store and display them differently despite other PDF readers having no problems with the files. Anyway, I put the files in Adobe Reader and took PDFmate off my iPad.

When a company offers a free product, then be honest about what it does than wait until they open the app to discover they were had, especially when you can find better apps which don't cheat or lie to you.

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