Friday, June 14, 2013

Rachel Maddow

I enjoy the Rachel Maddow Show. I miss the Ed Schulz show which preceeded her show and I'm not entirely enamored by the new Chris Hayes Show. I can only take his show about one day a week. He had a good weekend show, but every day is too much.

Anyway, I have only one real small but significant beef with Rachel Maddow. Whenever she talks about LGBT issues and politics, she almost always excludes transgender people, meaning those men and women who are in-transition or have transitioned, and the few times are only in name only and not in the discussion

Over and over when she talks about LGBT issues, she forget transpeople, calling things like DOMA, ENDA, marriage equality, etc., gay and lesbian issues. Only Don't Ask, Don't Tell was a LGB law and regulation in the military which she overlooked in her presentations.

Transgender people have long been banned from military service and transpeople face dishonorable discharge, and not the healthcare they need to transition and continue their service to the country. The VA is slowly changing for transpeople.

But that's not the point here, it's Rachel Maddow's exclusion of transpeople in her presentations when the same issues that face LGB people face transpeople and more so since the states have varying laws governing the right to change a person's birth certificate, something LGB people don't face, and governing the right of reciprocity of another state's changed birth certificate.

This is because some states, such as Texas and Kansas, still recognize birth sex as the final argument for sex and gender determination, and some states don't recognize birth certificates if the person has gone through a transition to be legally the other sex.

These issues and others facing transgender people don't seem to be in Rachel Maddow's political view. She, like many LGB people, don't see the T in LGBT, and seemingly on purpose, otherwise she'd wouldn't discriminate against them with her silence.

She should know better considering her outrage by Republicans against LGB people. She seems to think transpeople don't exist and discrimination against them isn't news, or at least that's the impression she gives on her show.

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  1. Amen to that. Many of the LG part of that equation have a blind spot bordering on bigotry regarding the T's. Perhaps it falls into that category of human failings: we all like to have someone we can look down on.