Friday, June 1, 2012

Alas, It Doesn't Pay

Every now and then I wander through my Website quickly looking for the obvious errors or mistakes, and I learned with well over 400 individual Web pages, this is frought with inherent problems, because there will always be errors and mistakes and there will always be work to correct them.

Which leads to the obvious that sometimes it just doesn't pay to look. But that said, just taking a few samples this afternoon I discovered a bunch of really stupid errors to add to the list of things to do which are not hard, just tedious. So, that's also now on the list of things to do soon, the walk through the Website with the Web design softwar and ftp programs to do in order, review, edit, upload, and check.

Gee, something for a mindless day when little else is important, but definitely not all 400-plus Web pages at once. Groups of them work for me.

On top of that I got a new Web design package to look at the next generation of the Website, to play with new designs for the overall design including bringing some of my blog back from Blogger (now Google blogger). That's a whole order of work higher than the simple maintenance for the new and updated pages.

That means I have to actually design it and then reorganize the whole Website to accommodate all the stuff on it. I talked to some Web design consulting companies who do this work and in some ways they're right and some they're not. Some suggested Web Content Management Sysytem (CMS), such as Wordpress and Cold Fusion, but that's prohibitive for my small business in terms of time and money.

The other option is to design it parallel to the existing Website and simply replace it when I'm ready. That's practical and doable as I already have the software and the access to the host to run parallel suites of Web pages. Which leads back to the obvious one I haven't resolved.

And that's the design itself. I'm not all that creative or innovative in Website design. I'm a background person concerned more with presentability, navigation, content and so on down the list of criteria for the design. The actual design hasn't come to me yet, and I've seen a lot of them for examples, all which are nice but won't fit everything I have and will do in a look I like.

So, it's back to the obvious, "Alas, sometimes, it doesn't pay."

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