Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ok, But

Ok, you don't like some to all of the Affordable Care Act, the 2009 healthcare reform act, and in some ways neither do I but not for what the act does but for what it doesn't do, but what do you suggest we replace it with so everyone has affordable health insurance?

Or would you rather go back to what we had that created the healthcare and health insurance mess when the US was the not even one of the top twenty (20) in the quality of healthcare but the highest in the cost of healthcare, much of that as profit to the whole range of individualts and companies in the healthcare industry.

Yes, it's an industry from doctors and health service providers, to clinics and hospitals, to the medical companies providing products and services to the others, and to the health insurance companies. It's measured in hundreds of billions, even trillions, of dollars spent every year by us in direct costs and premiums, to the rest of the industry.

It's why we're the most expensive healthcare system in the world, both total and per capita. And one of the worst for what we get for our money. It's what capitalism does to the healthcare industry. And it's why we have to do something, and whether you agree or like the Affordable Care Act or not, it's what we have now.

So, you can whine or bitch all you want, but before you do that, how about making suggestions for improvementa which helps all of us, not just you, because it's not about each of us anymore, but all of us now. Me, I'd like the public option or more so a universal healthcare system. Don't like those?

Well, think about it. Medicare is one. Medicaid is another. The military healthcare and federal employees health insurance system are others. We already have quasi-public option systems or universal healthcare system in this country and they work. I won't argue Medicare and Medicaid are expensive, but it's not the system's fault but the laws Congress passes which controls it that fails.

So, Congress created the mess, Congress created the partial fix - yes, parts of the Affordable Care Act works - and Congress can make it better. So why don't they? Really, you have to ask?

For one, over half the Affordable Care Act was written by and for the health insurance industry. Really. You don't see them bitching do you? They're making near record profits and they're still gouging customers. My monthly premium has increased nearly 50% in two years in advance of the 2013 triggers for premium controls.

For another, all the companies have made huge donations to everyone in Congress, the President and many state and local elected officials. They have also lobbied everyone in Congress, even written parts of bills and laws to the point, they hand it ready to go to members of Congress, "Here's the law or amendment we want, just add your name."

In short, they have the money to spend on their behalf, except it's really money from our premiums and federal and state payments. They're rich because of us and we're letting them get richer and control the whole system. And don't expect some organizations to be on your side, like the AARP.

Really? Yes, really. The AARP is a for profit company that markets and sells insurance. They represent the health insurance companies to the people who are members for supposed discounts which aren't because while you think you're paying less you're paying more somewhere else to compensate.

And no I'm not a member. I joined when I turned 55 and left two years later when I realized what they were and who they represented. No me or members, but companies to market insurance you don't need. And they don't want to hear from you except to use you to back their views.

And my health insurance company is a nonprofit one who is sitting on millions of dollars in cash, not declared as profit, but declared as a capital reserve fund. I can't imagine what the for profit health insurance companies are sitting on in reserves. And of the increase costs for the same healthcare coverage they've hit customer in the last two years.

So, that's my suggestion, if you want to whine or bitch, or worse demand the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, then let's hear what you plan to do to make the system better than what we had before. Otherwise, you're just another person whining and bitching for nothing.

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