Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Why are the Democrats afraid of the NRA and the Republicans on guns or about guns rights? When it's clear we need good gun laws for the safety and security of the people in public, why do we fear the minority? Aren't we, who want common sense solutions to the problems with guns in our country, the majority and don't we have the right to decide?

So why are the political leaders afraid? Of who? The extremists? When the NRA say they only believe their focus are legal guns owners and they blame the government, especially the Democrats, for illegal guns, why then can't we focus the laws on that and simply ignore the NRA?

And when they whine, we can just tell them we're doing what they ask and want, focusing on illegal gun owners, so what's their problem? When will the political leaders, our political leaders, do that? In our name, as we demand, and what's good for America and Americans?

Well, why aren't they doing that? They have our support. They have the majority behind them. They have the voice of Americans who want this solved with common sense laws. There are only less than 5 million members in the NRA and at most 50 million gun owners, while there over 5 times as many non-gun owners who want change.

So, why don't we have change? Or is it a rhetorical question?

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