Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sorry Adobe

Update (6/18/12).--A correction to the update for Dreamweaver CS5.5. The full screen mode was for a few openings after the update, and today it opened back to the user window size and position setting I had. I'm not sure what changed but I'm ok with it, so far anyway.

Well, today I updated my version of Dreamweaver (DW) CS5.5, which is the generation between DW CS5.1 and CS6, which I have those too along with DW CS3 and CS4 and GoLive 9, which is between DW CS2 (now defunct with Lion) and CS3. I'm a loyal software addict, especially Adobe software. But every now and then they do something small but stupid, and this update is one example.

Before this update, DW CS5.5 would remember the size and position of your windows, which DW CS6 doesn't and I bitched about it on this blog. Well, they've done the same with CS5.5 as CS6, every time you open the application all the window open to full screen, which with a 27" monitor is overkill, and there is no way to reduce the size with a user setting or preference.

In short, they think all people work in full screen mode. That is dumb and stupid, especially not providing a memory of the user settings or preferences or a way to reset the window size to a specific user one. I have walked through every option, tool and setting in DW CS6 and can't find a fix, and I've done the same with CS5.5 with the same result.

The option I have is to resort back to DW CS5.1 and hope Adobe fixes CS6, since I doubt they'll fix CS5.5 to be different with CS6. So, if anyone knows or has a fix, please post it here and I'll be smarter. Until then I'll bitch everytime I open DW CS5.5 and CS6 now.

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