Monday, June 18, 2012

Apple Maps

Sorry, Apple, I don't intend to use your map application and service when it's introduced with IOS 6 on my iPhone and iPad. I plan to find a way to keep or add Google's Map application. I'll do with your map application what I do with the rest of the crap you add to the iPhone users can't remove.

And that is park them in a "Lifesytle box" and shove the box to the last screen where I never look. The box currently has iTunes, App Store, Videos, YouTube, Stocks and Game Center apps. I don't use my iPhone for this stuff, and it's where your map application will go, unless of course you can do better than Google.

And that I don't expect. I use too many Google products, and while I have my complaints, they're still better than the other companies' apps, including Bing map application and Website and MapQuest. I also use Google Earth. Can Apple match that? Apple sucks with their iBooks application and service because they have no Mac reader similar to the other e-book vendors, only on the iPhone and iPad.

My only hope now is that Google makes a map application available through the Apple (iTunes) store for iPhones and iPads. Any bets if Apple will allow that? Or will other companies develop Google Map interfaces for the iPhone and iPad? And if so, will Apple allow them on the Apple (iTunes) store?

We'll see, but Apple is not just hurting themselves, they're hurting their customers and users more. Hate Google all you want for being the dominant player, Apple is showing they're equally, if not more so, the grinch too.

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