Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It seems Facebook (FB) has a talent for pissing off its own member every now and then, and they done it again with the e-mail address, which is your FB name "at" (symbol) facebook.com. This means you have to reset the publically viewable e-mail address to the non-FB one you have to change it in the user setting.

But I want you to consider something else with this change. If you use the FB e-mail address to route to your other e-mail account, they'll be seeing who contacts you outside of FB because it routes all e-mail sent from the person's FB page through their mail servers where they can log the information they want to keep about you.

It's called throughput, meaning any e-mail sent through FB goes through them on the way to the destination. If you want someone to really contact outside of FB tell them to cut and paste your other e-mail address to the mail application on their computer. Remember you can't delete any old e-mail address, only keep it from being used or displayed.

In short, FB is still using you as a product to market their Website to enrich their now investors and company people with stock while providing a service to you. You're simply a product while saving everything you do on their Website to sell the numbers to investors and stockholders as the company's market value.

So, if you use FB (and yes I have an account there too), be smart and use common sense. They're not your friend so don't treat them as if they are. They aren't, except for your information.

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