Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Update.--Looking at the senate recall results, only one of the four democrats beat the incumbent Republican, the only man of the four democratic challengers. Makes you wonder if the men voted for men because they don't trust women, and the sole (democrat) man won because they took him seriously. Sure looks and seems that way. Covert sexism alive and well in politics.

Original Post.--What we're seeing in the election results in Wisconsin, the rural voters of the state are overpowering the suburban voters (Milwaukee and Madison) to keep their govenor, lieutenant governor and senators in power. Clearing they think lowering taxes helps them more than losing state services and benefits and other people's jobs.

And clearly they think the state government and unions are the problem, but then why do they think government under Scott Walker will do better by striping collective bargaining rights and cutting the budget an services to provide tax cuts for the wealthy? Well, here's what we learned this evening.

One, corporations, superpacs and big money won. The people lost.

Two, selling lies won and the truth was lost.

Three, reality wasn't the issue, it lost, some politically marketed fantasy won.

I suspect in a year, the voters will have a second buyers' remorse and the rural voters realize the fewer police, emergency and fire fighting services won't help them. The less state services won't help them. The fewer teachers in the schools won't help their children. And the less state taxes to their local government won't help them.

They'll realize they lost when they thought they won because the ads told them they'd win. Told them Wisconsin will win. Like the loss of tens of thousand of jobs under Scott Walker (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Like the more people with lower incomes.

Like the corporations given advantages to buy land and exploit the resources for profit and leave the wastes and cleanup to the people, except the state won't have the money because the people wanted lower taxes, less regulation and less government. They got that and then they'll get the bill.

They'll realize it's too late to undo the recall. And who will they blame then? And will they see what the other side was saying the truth after all? The voters didn't so much as vote for the Republicans as against their own interests, the democrats.

Tonight we saw what the buying of an election produces. In future months the voters who voted for the Republicans will see what it wrought on them. The appearance of victory and the reality of it, a sham.

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