Wednesday, June 20, 2012


After going on at length about some issues, using lies in place of facts and fantasy in place of reality and which causes everyone else to go, "Huh?", why do republicans, especially the extremists in the tea party and the conspiracy theorists, always, in the end, say, "I can't prove it but I believe it's true."

When they say, "I don't have the facts.", or "I don't know the facts.", why do we still listen to them, and why do we keep encouraging them to continue to believe and espouse their lies and false theories? We know they don't want to discuss let alone debate the issue to establish how wrong they are in the view on the issues, but still we keep trying.

Why? When we see a person can be more closed than a brick wall, and we know they've closed their ears to hear, their eyes to see and most of all, their minds to understand and their heart to be compassionate, why do we still try? Do we really expect they'll change?

Do we have a choice? Is leaving them to their lies and false views better than arguing with them in hope? Hope of and for what? We won't change and we expect them to change? Why?

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