Thursday, June 14, 2012

What We Know

If you think Mitt Romney and his ideas about the economy and getting out of the recession are the answer, let me ask you a question. We had low taxes, deregulation of the financial and home mortage industry, and less government under the eight years of George Bush, so how did that go?

Like we lost jobs every month of seven of the eight years of his presidency. Like we have people lose 40% of the value of their assests in 401K plans and home values from 2007 through 2009. And we got dropped into the worst recession in decades.

And that's what Romney thinks worked and would work again? Really?

The problem President Obama has is the economy is much like treating an illness, the cure is often worse, harder and longer than the illness or disease. A 2-3 year recession will take the better part of a decades, most of Obama's presidency, to get back to anywhere near where we were before the recession.

That's the reality.

And despite what you think about Obama and his "supposed" failures, which wouldn't be failures if Congress would pass the bills for his signature - remember he can't demand they act nor push bills through Congress, he can only get his party to do his bidding which they haven't, the President can't make the economy better by himself, and neither can Mitt Romney.

If the President could make the recsession go away and solve all the financial and home mortage problems, don't think he would have already?

Think about it and what Romney is saying about the role of the President, blaming Obama, but not saying what he would, let alone could do, as president. He can't say because he knows he woud be in the same position as the President. That's the truth about being president, something Romney doesn't knows but doesn't mention.

This election for President is about our future, so think about what we know about Mitt Romney's ideas. We've already been there and here isn't the place to use George Bush's policies again, unless of course you want a repeat of the recession. Do you really believe Romney will do anything different than Bush?

No one doubts the problems still persists. I'm still a victim of it like everyone. But at least we're moving in the right direction, even if the Republicans in Congress refuse to help or do anything beyond complaining, and at least President Obama has shown progress on the economy, jobs and all things financial, such as the Stock Market.

And that's our reality.

Do you think Romney would really be better?

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