Friday, September 28, 2012

Google's New Blogger

Update.-- I've worked with the new user interface which seems and works more like an application than an interface, and while I use it and find to good features and tools, it's still the same issue of too much in too little space. Fancy as it is, you still have to remember what to do and where everything is to do what you want. Simple it's not. Geeky is an understatement. Still.

I've been noticing on the top of my blogger user interface, where users see and use the "Dashboard", the link to upgrade to the new interface. Well, doing some research, aka, Googling, I found blogs and forums discussing and showing the new interface. Well, from what I see of it, it's very similar to Google's new analytics interface, and that's where things change.

For one, I really hate the new Google Analytics interfaces, so much I bought an app which dumps the data from it and displays it on my monitor, simple and easy to use and see the data I want to know. Google's old Analytics did that, but the geeks and marketing folks got hold of the new one and swamped it with needless confusion and complexity.

And from what I see of the new Blogger interface, it's much the same, lots of information all jumbled on one screen, easy for any geek to marvel at their seemingly self-delusion of genius. I don't want it. I love simplicity, sheer basic, functional simplicity, stuff easy to see and use. That was lost with Google's Analytics and apparently lost with Google's Blogger.

What to do? Well, three things. First, live with it and use it, and in the process still hate it. Second, buy an app to replace it which interacts with it to post articles and manage draft posts, leaving only accessing it for the user preferences and settings. And third, replace it as my blog.

On the last, I can't host my own because my Website host won't allow the sheer volume. I don't have a quota as long as it's reasonable, and to move my blogs to the host would be unacceptable, maybe. I don't know, but something to investigate and think about if it's doable. It's a, "Hmmm...."

Ok, that said, I'll keep you posted here what happens and what I do, but for now, I'm still with the old interface because I like it and I like the essay edit window. But then when the switch is mandated I'll say, "Alas poor blogger I knew you well, but as they say, all good things come to evil when evil sees the profit. And we all know evil lurks in the hearts of men, er. Google, when it comes to power and money."

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