Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Public Schools

The way to improve public schools is very simple and easy, fund them. This country should fund school systems for all the students and all the  necessary needs, from the poorest neighborhoods to the best, from the most special needs students to the most talented and intelligent.

The way is simple. Don't give funds to school voucher programs. Don't give funds to charter schools. Don't give tax deductions to families for non-public schools.

Give all the funds and tax deductions to public schools. And then increase the funds to public schools so school districts don't have beg through bond referendums, don't have to soliticit legislatures for adequate funds, and don't cut federal programs or grants to states for school programs.

I spent my life in public schools. Public schools were my education and it should be every child's education.

If parents want to send their children to private schools or home-school them, fine, but don't expect governement funds or tax deductions. It's your choice and it should be your money, not our money for your personal choice.

Imagine if we fully funded public schools. Think of all the future generations who know the value of a public education. Think of what all the future generations can achieve for this country.

Not a bad idea. It only takes us to dedicate ourselves to this goal for our children, for our future, for our country. What's more patriotic?

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