Wednesday, September 19, 2012

iPhone & IOS 6

Well, I upgraded my iPhone 4G with IOS 6 today and there is one thing I'd really like Apple to do with their iPhones and IOS. Really,  just one? Well, just this one.

It's simple, give users control to remove the apps Apple installs as part of IOS. I use my iPhone for just a few things, mostly the obvious, a phone, and second, music. Most of the rest is hardly used and almost all of the Apple installed apps are pushed into one box of apps (Lifestyle) and shoved to the last screen with the empty newsstand and calculator.

I've had a cellphone from the 1990's when they were analog. I just like it first and foremost to be what it is, a cellphone. I don't use it as a smart phone and the few apps I bought are useful, the Oxford American Dictionary, The Encylopedia of Britannica, photography apps for sun/moon times, weather, compass, and clock, and of course being a geographer, maps.

I don't play games, don't watch videos, don't access Apple iTunes/App stores, check or watch stocks, read, listen or watch news/media, etc., which is the crap Apple loads into iPhones and iPads, so users should be able to take them off and reload them when they want.

I also don't use Apple's iCloud for my iPhone or iPad to synchronize with my Mac or as a backup. The only thing in iCloud is my Apple Mobile Me e-mail account because it's required from my Mobile Me to iCloud transfer.

I backup my iPhone and iPad on my Mac. I don't sync my iTunes library to my iPhone or iPad because iCloud won't accommodate my entire library and much of it isn't in iTunes, and I'll be damned if I'll give Apple my old albums for free.

My basic gripe is to let users remove Apple apps. They're a waste to some, like me, who never need or want them.

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