Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Really Mr. Romney

Mr. Romney,

Either you are so stupid you don't think thoroughly before you talk on critical issues, especially before the media, or you think you're so smart that anything to attack the president is fair game in an election campaign even when your words are lies.

Which is it Mr. Romney?

Your attack on the President and the people at embassies in Egypt and Libyia was totally wrong and your words totally out of context to what was said when. And you stand there and act important to condemn the President but not the source of the protests in those countries?

Do you really stand against nations where the majority of the people are Muslim? Are you that blindly hateful of these people? Are you so sworn to protect people who purposely produce a video which is clearly meant to enrage and create hate against Muslims?

Is that where your ethics lie, or do you, as it has appeared so far in this election, have no ethics? Is that where your sense of humanity and fairness lies that you have none? Is that where your sense of values lie where you have none?

You clearly have no experience or even a hint of understanding of international diplomacy. Maybe you should listen to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, here, then maybe you'll be smarter where a woman is clearly smarter and better than you.

Thank you Madam Secretary.

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