Friday, September 21, 2012

Tully's Closes

My favorite Tully's closed today. I stop by this cafe two to three times a week, usually for one drink, a tall mocha shake without whipped cream. No other cafe makes coffee-based shakes. I stop by when I run errands around Tacoma and after days I do my 4.5 miles walk along the Ruston walk park on the waterfornt to Commencement Bay.

Today there was a sign on the door the cafe was closing at the end of business today (Friday 9/21/12). Talking with one of the people, she said the company called them yesterday to close the cafe today. Yeah, one day's notice and they're all fired. All now unemployed.

This cafe doesn't lose money. It's in a good neighborhood next to a local park when people overflow the cafe during events. There is a Starbucks and the Spar cafe two blocks away. The Spar cafe only opens to prepare for lunch, dinner and the bar later in evening, so they're not overly concerned if the cafe makes or loses money.

The Starbucks is doing fine, almost always nearly full or full. Tully's has a steady customer base, so there's no real reason for closing this cafe. The nearest one is a few miles away in the Stadium District and a little farther downtown. This cafe is ideally located for the neighborhood and the area.

I wrote Tully's I disagree and dislike their decision, but I doubt they'll open it again. I suspect there are some other underlying reasons, such as lease rate increases, competition from other business wanting the space, the building owner wanting them out, etc.

Who knows, but we do know a number of really good people are now unemployed. That's not fair or right.

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