Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Everyone Pays Taxes

Sorry Mr. Romney, everyone pays taxes. They pay federal and state sales taxes, property taxes, payroll taxes, Social Security taxes, state income taxes, vehicle license fees, gas taxes, and associated other federal, state and local taxes, and yes, even federal income taxes.

And yes, Mr. Romney, on a percentage basis, I would bet they pay as much, and probably more than you. Not in terms of dollars but in terms of proportion of their income on taxes.

And yes, Mr. Romney, many people are the 47% of the 99%'ers.

And no Mr. Romney, trying to confuse is by saying you pay 13% in taxes isn't the same as saying you pay 13% in income tax, which you haven't said you did.

Why is that Mr. Romney? Is it because there were years you paid little, if any, income taxes on your millions of dollars in capital gains income? Is it because you paid a far less percentage than the average person pays on your actual earned income?

Is it why you won't release your tax returns? Afraid of the truth and your lies?

And exactly why do you say people don't pay taxes when you know that's a lie by deception than reality?

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