Saturday, September 22, 2012


Why do some men give women a lot of latitude and flexibility to change their view, change their mind and change their decsion, except when it comes to sex, and then the only answer is yes, and forcibly if she isn't aware of what's happening or wants to say no?

Why do these same men decide sex isn't a choice for the woman? And why do they always give an excuse we know is lame, dumb and stupid, and we know they didn't really care what the woman thought, what she said, and most of all, what she wanted, which was for him to respect the word no?

What don't these men not know about the word no? What didn't they learn from their parents, their friends and classmates, from their bosses, and from society the word no means what it means? Or is it not about the word but about women? And what didn't they learn about them?

What don't these men know that it doesn't matter how they spin the situation, the events, the words, it's still rape, and the word no is what it means no matter who says it, especially women?

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