Sunday, September 16, 2012


Update.--We now know the name of the person responsible for the video, a convict felon on parole living in the Los Angeles area. Many people involved in the movie have rejected the movie, but a few haven't.

We know they have an affliation with the Copt Christian Sect in the US and Middle East, namely Egypt. This is a extremist group which has experienced attacks in Egypt by Muslim groups for their extremism.

And now we know they're responsible for the deaths and destruction in the Middle East, and while not responsible for all of it, their hands are as bloody as anyone. They are the ones who should be standing in Tahrir Square explaining their work.

Original Post.--Even though the viral anti-Islam video posted to YouTube did not cause the attack on the two US diplomatic compound in Libya, which were, as we suspect now, planned for the anniversary of 9/11, the video has incited protests and riots which lead to attacks on other US diplomatic compounds and embassies across the Middle East.

What I find interesting is the timing of the release of the video which could have easily been delayed to after 9/11 or after the election, but it wasn't, and seems to me to be too coincidental with both 9/11 and the election campaign to incite protests in dominate Muslim nations and meant to make President Obama look bad.

As the department manager said in the movie "The Incredibles",

"Coincidence? I think not!"

Which leads me to clearly see there are people in this country who are willing to put Americans overseas, especially military and diplomatic personnel, at risk and in harms way, and are very willing to make this country and especially this President look bad.

They clearly are willing to sacrifice this country and its international reputation for their own political purposes and goals. Why haven't they stood up to claim the video, claim the message in the video, and claim responsibility for the consequences of this video?

Why? Because they don't want to stand in the public spotlight. Because they don't want to be held accountable by Muslim for their hatred of Islam. Because they don't have the courage to face the criticism of other Americans.

And for that they have no right to call themselves Patriots, and I question if they even have the right to call themselves Americans. They did what no American and especially no patriot would do to the President, the nation and the people.

They should be found and taken to Tahrir Square in Cairo and forced to explanation their actions to Muslims everywhere. Do they have the courage?

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