Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Real Romney

Will the real Romney stand up? Will the real Romney actually say what he thinks than flip-flop on every issue more times than a Slinky down a long staircase?

Wait, he did this week with release of a video at a fundraising speech before wealthy donors to his campaign. He did finally tell us what he really thinks of Americans, especially all of us lower and middle class working Americans.

He told us he doesn't care one iota about the half of Americans in this country. And of the other half, most of them he wants to con into believing he's the answer to the problems and will support the most extreme view on any issue.

In truth he only cares about one thing, himself and the Romney family. He doesn't even care about the wealthy if they help him, give him their money. Otherwise, he's worse than a quickie with a prostitue, "slam blam, thank you ma'am, money please."

The real Romney stood up and talked. Something we should all take note what he said because he can't flip-flop on the truth, his truth.

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