Monday, October 8, 2012


We all have personal favorite Websites and several days a week I surf a whole range of them on a variety of subjects and will often follow links on some of those Website to other Websites. That said I visit a number of photography Websites for work and business and Websites for Mt. Rainier National Park.

Some of my personal favorites are people or cat based ones. Two are my favorites because they're about cats and the owners do a great job with their cats. One is in Japan is Maru. Maru is a Scottish Fold which has a great owner to show their cat loves boxes and bags.

The other is Lil Bub. Lil Bub is a special cat born with multiple birth defects, being a perma-kitten, dwarfism, polydactyl (extra toe on each foot), and with no lower jaw and teeth. This is a very cool cat who deserves a chance in life and is getting it with an owner with a good heart.

After that I look at a lot of Websites on fashion - Tumblr has a boatload, music - especially Asian pop and traditional music, Website design - yes my Website is a simple design because it's easy to add and update, health and life - Taoism, etc., and news magazines and newspapers - NY Times, Washington Post, etc.

All that said, in the end, it means I don't watch a much TV, only a few sports teams (Seattle Mariners, SF 49'ers) and some auto racing series (F1, NASCAR, etc.), a few cable news shows (MSNBC) and occasional movie and documentaries. I can't remember the last time I watched a major network channel and shows.

And when I'm not working on my Website, I just wander around the Internet. There's more interesting stuff out there in the whole world than on TV. It changes your perspective about life where you are and everything else.

Anyway, just some personal stuff in a very cluttered blog. But hey, it's my blog and my clutter.

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