Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Imagine a health insurance system. Ok, bear with me awhile please, it just might be worth the thought and idea. Really, maybe.

Imagine if you needed new health insurance, and you didn't know where to begin to see all the available healthcare plans with complete information for the coverage and complete information on the monthly premiums for yourself and/or family.

Imagine this place had about 200 plans plans provided by nearly 100 companies from local plans to national plans, depending on where you lived. In any state you would have the choice of about 100 plans offered by about 50 companies.

Imagine you could buy basic coverage which is the same across all the health insurance companies' plan which would provide you with basic routine healthcare, emergency care and coverage for conditions, diseases or illnesses which require extensive tests and proceedures.

Imagine you learned that the health insurance companies could not change the coverage during any year, only at the end of the year for the next year, and those changes had to comply with standards set by and be approved by an oversight board which ensured fairness to the customer.

Imagine that the premiums were set for a year and only increased at the end of the year after review and  approval by an oversight board to ensure the customer isn't getting gouged and the health insurance companies don't make a large, unnecessary profit.

Imagine that the health insurance plan could not reject you as a customer and could not reject or deny any claim for coverage stated in the health insurance plan. Imagine that an oversight board ensured compliance for you and not the company.

Imagine that the health insurance plan you selected would be guarranteed for life and could only be cancelled by you and not the health insurance company.

Imagine you have an opportunity every year to change your health insurance company or change which plan for your health insurance company and the companies have to accept you as a patient.

Imagine all this with good health insurance at affordable prices set by the oversight board.

Imagine a system which could cover every American and still keep the health insurance companies profitable.

Can you imagine it?

If you haven't already guessed it, there are two just like this, they're called Medice and the Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan. Both alive and well for the customers, the government and the health insurance companies.

They work, and a plan just like those could work for every American. But only if Congress wanted to be on your side and not the side of the health insurance industry and companies.

Now imagine a Congress which really did represent you and acted for you on your behalf as you elected them to do.

The health insurance programs are real, the idea of Congress for the people is an illusion. So, who's wrong here, you or Congress?

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