Thursday, October 4, 2012

Think Again

If you still think Mitt Romney would be a good President, even after the debate, I can't help you there because you've been brainwashed quite well by the media and Romney. I can only ask you to look at all that he has said during the campaign about his record at Bain Capital, as Governor, and his taxes.

Then look at what he says he believes, if you can find where that is amidst the range of views he's expressed for about a year now, and then look at his responses when confronted with past statements, he denies or ignores them.

Then consider what his presidency would be like. Do you really think he would be bipartisan and talk with Democrats, or would he just talk to them and then ignore them, or worse lecture them? Do you think he is more compassionate than George Bush? And how did that turn out for us?

The key thing I want to stress is that even if you don't like President Obama, and I'm not enamored with him after all the failed promises and doubling down on some of Bush's practices, like intelligence gathering on Americans, drone attacks in soverign nations killing innocent people, and not doing enough for people, jobs and the ecomony.

But that said, consider one reason he should be re-elected, not because he is in the end fair minded, but because the next president will likely nominate one, maybe two new Supreme Court justices. The next president will change the direction of the court for decades to come.

And then consider who Romney would nominate. That alone is not just one reason to vote for President Obama, but the only real reason to vote for him.

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