Sunday, October 28, 2012

If You're Pro-Life

If you are pro-life then you are for the life of the mother, the life of the fetus, the life of the baby and the life of the child, from conception to adulthood. Anything else isn't pro-life, but just pro-fetus.

If you are pro-life then your highest priority is not just for the life of the mother but the rights of the mother to decide for herself what she does with her reproductive health and pregnancy, even if it results in her decision to have an abortion.

If you are pro-life then you are for all life born, not just the life inside the womb. You can not decide that's the only life that matter as God loved all life and all people, not just a fetus.

If you are pro-life then you value the right of anyone to decide their life, not subject to the religious or conservative views of others.

If you are pro-life then you value the rights of women to decide and control their life and their body. You can't be a man who decides for women.

If you are pro-life you can't discriminate what life and whose life, but all life as born and living. You can't discriminate against a the mother over the fetus.

If you are pro-life then you support programs which help prenatal mothers, help mothers and babies, help children, and also helps girls and young women to be fully knowledgeable about their body and their reproductive system and health.

If you are pro-life then you keep your views and values about the decisions of women to yourself. Otherwise, you're not pro-life but anti-life, anti-freedom, anti-women.

If you are pro-life and believe the rights of the fetus begins as conception, they you belive those rights belong to the mother and no one else. It's her fetus, her life and her rights.

You know that if you are pro-life, and you know what you believe and say is not what God would say. It's not what Jesus would teach. And it's not what the Bible says.

But then you would know that too, so don't pro-life me if you don't believe in all life and especially the life and rights of women and mothers. Because to be true to being pro-life is being pro choice.

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