Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Read it and Think

This is Mitt Romney's editorial on the automobile industry bailout President Obama provided to the three big car companies. Read it and think about what he said. He approached the automobile industry like he was the CEO of Bain Capital, for them to go through bankruptcy to shed financial obligations to  employees, like health insurance, retirees' annuity, etc.

Think if he wanted to do this to American companies, what would he do with the government? Are you willing to bet our future, our government to his man and his ideas? He's promised more defense spending while he promised less government, less social programs, eliminating entitlements, and reducing taxes on the wealthy making the middle class pay the bills.

Think about this man as president, do you really trust what's he said when his record is the opposite?

It's your right to vote for the candidate you believe in. I can only ask you think about the whole of the country, all Americans, and all of our government. What are his real plans and goals?

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