Monday, October 22, 2012

Romney and Foreign Policy

I listened to the third  presidential election debate and it's clear to me Romney tried to hog the stage again, but more so he sounded like someone who crammed all night for an exam and needs to recite it all before he forgets it.

He tried to bully the President and the moderator until both challenged him, but more so Romney sounded like just electing him President will create fear in our enemies forgetting the reality of the world we live in.

The other was that he changed his position again, just like he did in the previous debates,  which differs from all the campaign speeches and writing he has made. And he kept blaming the President like he would have done different, which we know isn't true.

In short, he sounded good, election campaign good, but his record and all his previous speeches says that's not his view except for this debate, and he doesn't have a track record in foreign policy to run on where the President has done the best for the situation and circumstances.

It's easy for Romney to blame the President and say he would be different, but not from what he said in the debate but from what he has said up to the debate. He's doing what he has done, tell his audience what they want to hear about him.

Romney is still Romney, not a President.

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