Friday, October 12, 2012


The Republicans are mad because of Vice President Joe Biden's performance at the debate, engaging Paul Ryan over his lies, but they're not apologetic over Mitt Romney's many lies, talking more than his alloted time, interrtupting the moderator and his disrepect of and for President Obama?

They're angry about the vice presidential candidate who is a member of the House of Representatives, not the Vice President. Mitt Romney was disrepectful of the President of the United States. Big difference, one of 435 representatives and the President.

Paul Ryan has frequently spoken and campaigned against the president's economic stimulus plan but forgot to tell people he actually got 2 grants worth millions for companies in his district cited the plan for growth and jobs. He cut spending for embassy security and then spoke against the lack of security in the Libya attack.

Vice President Biden went after him with the truth and he got caught. Paul Ryan is a hypocrite and Biden called him out. He deserved it and Biden made sure the spotlight was on Ryan about it. And in the end, the Republicans got what they gave.

That's it. So stop whining and live with it.

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