Sunday, April 20, 2014

Back to normal

Update Sunday.-- They just got swept by the Miami Marlins of all teams, losing 2 of the 3 in the last two innings and one by a two-hit shutout. That's a 6 game losing streak to make them the second worst team in the American League, only ahead of Houston in their own division, whom they play 3 games starting Monday. 

A normal season again out of the race before the end of April, unless they start winning but the 6 games losing streak showed their weakness, a lot of young pitchers who don't last more than 5 innings and a bullpen of pitchers with records of blowing leads and games.

And while the announcers can keep talking about "opportunities" for players and the team, it rarely materializes in results. They can't keep spinning the negatives as positives when the team keeps finding ways to lose.

Original post.--The Seattle Mariners are back to their normal selves already and just 3 weeks into the season. Yes, after winning the first 3 games and staying above .500 until they blew a game in Texas which Felix Hernandez pitched 7-plus scoreless innings with a stupid throwing error, a wild pitch and a bloop single.

And they just lost to the Miami Marlins on a grandslam by Miami in the bottom of the 9th inning. Really, that's losing 4 games in a row going from 7 and 5 record to 7 and 9 record. Any bets they won't get back over .500 for the rest of the season?

I hoping they begin to play better and some of the underachieving players get going to play up to their career and their potential. I can hope but I'm not expecting it and true to form the announcers are spinning a loss into a positive note.

One problem which is showing is that they're not the type of team to put together any significant winning streak, they don't have the starting pitching after their two star pitchers, and the bullpen has been up and down with much of the same staff who weren't good enough last year to keep any lead or stop the other team.

Enough, be honest and call them for what they are, which is not consistently playing well especially at the times they need to win. There's still time and lots of games to win, so let's see if they can or they'll lose a lot of fans again this year, just like the last few years of really bad records.

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