Wednesday, April 9, 2014


During a Senate hearing on its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable, Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen admitted that Comcast could do a better job on customer service, "It bothers us we have so much trouble delivering high quality of service to customers on a regular basis," Cohen said. "Sometimes, we need a kick in the butt."

It's why I've always argued the cable companies are monopolies Congress and the FTC allows. It's the only cable company in my area and the alternatives are the satellite companies, Direct TV and Dish TV, which aren't any better for the same price (ignoring all the new customer offers).

Comcast had regularly not provided the technical service or answers to my questions or problem and too often just said, "It's a problem. I'll report it to the engineering folks.", to get nothing back from them or the "engineering folks."

And we think they'll be better if they're allowed to buy Time-Warner? And we think, as they say, it will spur competition, meaning against their competitors but not for the customers? And unfortunately all we can do is decide which of the cable or satellite companies are the lesser of evils to give our money.

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