Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Congratulations Mariners

Congratulations Mariners, you're in a race in the Western Division and the American League. A race to be in last place with the worst record in the American league. This after losing 8 games in a row, 3 to the Miami Marlins and 5 to their rival the Houston Astros, including some shutouts by the opposing pitchers.

They've had only one winning season in the last 6 years (2009) and for all of those years and several managers they've had the one common factor with their losing season, their General Manager Jack Zduriencik, a former scout who was supposed to rebuild the team for the future.

Like that has happened. And yet, the owners, Intendo, represented by the same CEO. All their recent senior team leaders have all come from inside the team, including the President of Baseball Operations, former Chuck Armstrong and now Kevin Mather.

While the team has collapsed early in the season in the last four years and appears to be doing it again this year, all with different players, nothing has changed with the team management, same people making the same mistakes, promising good results with no success.

The announcers, try as they have been, always talking positive about the team and the games, talking about opportunities, the Mariners have squandered those opportunities over a number of managers. This is where Eric Wedge, when he quit at the end of last season, was right, the management has no interest to improve.

Eric Wedge showed the team management only has the interest to bring the fans to the game, but not field a division contending and even a pennant contending team. The addition of Robinson Cano is an anomaly as they often hire career players past their prime, including this year, to just field a .500 team at best and in reality a losing one.

The reality is that the team owners and management haven't been willing to write the checks to develop a good team. You can't win behind your two best pitchers when the other 3 don't win and the team can't score runs along with blowing leads late in the game.

Losing 8 games to the worst team in the American League and a fifth place team in the National League Eastern Division isn't good when you're expected to beat them easily and contend with the best in your Division.

But that's the Mariners again this year. Congratulations for another year of the same.

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