Monday, April 21, 2014


We are a country which loves guns. We cherish the acts guns have played in the history of this country. But we hate the acts of violence, brutality and terrorism which have been commited by people with guns. The question is about the balance of the reality of guns and the public interest weighed against the idealized rights of everyone to own, and even use, a gun as they see fit.

We haven't learned because we haven't learned to discuss the issue to actually resolve it. This is 1776, it's 2014 and time we realized history is good to know but it's not good for an answer today. It's not just about what we thought the frames of the Constitution meant in the words, it's about human lives damaged or take with guns.

And despite all the violence commited by people with guns, we haven't decided to act reasonably and responsibly and for all the people of this country so everyone is secure in the lives and safe in public from people with guns who intend harm even violence.

What will take take to have the real discussion and action? So far there doesn't seem anything can do this, even with the assination of a president, the attempt on another, and people calling for acts against another. Even as the number of innocent people injured, disabled or killed every day continues every day.

We're acting is if our freedom to own and use a gun is above all else, above our government, our leaders, our community, our family, friends, co-workers, and fellow citizens. Even to some, above the law itself. When does the rights of one outweigh the rights of all?

That's our conundrum. Now and until we resolve it.

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