Monday, April 21, 2014


I saw this image on an interesting Website, here, about some people travelling around the West, one with a rail (studio) large format camera, probably 4x5, above, which brought about a, "Huh?" moment because he's turned the camera 90-degrees with the head on the tripod.

Why huh? Well, he doesn't have to flip the camera on its side. If you want a portrait frame with this and any studio camera and many flatbed (field) camera, you simply rotate the film back. You keep the camera on top of the head above the tripod and just flip the film back.

If the camera is too high for the view he wants, just lower the legs or spread the tripod. You can get a short center column if the regular one is too long to lower the camera. This scene baffles me and I can't find an e-mail address to ask the photographer, so if you know them or their e-mail, let me know to contact them.

The Website is cool with some other images of the photographer with the camera which I respect him for taking a studio camera in the field, but this seems odd.

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