Tuesday, April 8, 2014


If the US military captured someone and has detained him at Guatanamo Bay (Gitmo) for years, often in solitary confinement for weeks even months, and then announce the person is innocent of any charges but then refuses release him because they now consider him a terrorist threat if he is released, who is to blame if the individual becomes a terrorist when he is released? Has the US military created terrorists who weren't before but just innocent civilians falsely arrested?

Currently have of the 154 prisoners left at Gitmo have been cleared for release, some with countries requesting them or allowing them to go there, and of the rest, most have been cleared of the charges they were initially arrested or captured. Only about 10-15% are considered proven terrorists and can be transferred to any federal maximum security prison in the US.

What does it say about the seriousness of the government interest to close Gitmo, something President Obama promised to close in his 2008 campaign, and blames Congress which has refused to allow it, but hasn't taken any action on the prisioners. The President could easily release those who are innocent and transfer the rest, leaving just an empty, unnecessary prison for Congress to say what they want him to do then.

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