Saturday, April 26, 2014

Majority Rule

For the last few years white republicans, especially tea party activists, have been arguing and winning court judgements discriminating against minorities, citing the right of the majority to rule, forgetting the laws also state the majority also rules for the protection of the minorities. They have ignored and even dismissed this notion.

So what will those same people and their children say when in about a generation, and in some states in half that time, whites will be the minority, and the new majority can say and do the same thing to whites? How will whites feel when they becme what they've long thought and expressed about minorities as second class citizens?

What will they do when the new majority redistricts states to reduce the chances of whites to win elections, to reduce the advantages in treatment for schools, jobs, etc. for whites? What will they do when the House of Representatives and the Senate has more minority members than white members?

What will whites do when Florida, Texas, California and other states have a solid majority of non-white citizens with an growing population to increase their majority. What will they do when the new majority decides to enact laws calling crimes by whites against them hate crimes?

Whites don't seem to realize the fight to ensure the "majority rule" won't last when they become the minority and everything they did will be undone and they have to argue for rights to be protected for the same reasons they took them away when they were the majority.

What will whites do when the term caucasian refers to a minority race?

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