Monday, April 21, 2014


Consider there is no good solution to Ukraine as it's clear President Putin doesn't care about what the US or EU says or does, he knows the government and military of Ukraine are no match for the Russian army, and he knows the US and NATO won't come to the aid of the Ukraine soon enough to help.

It's clear President Obama isn't as concerned about Ukraine as he is about Russia, for he knows Ukraine is just a pawn in the larger, global relations with Russia and there he's smarter than Putin. The question is how much pressure and how long Obama will use to make Putin see reality.

That's because Putin lives in fantasy and denial about the world surrounded by yes men, and he'll keep going down the road to destroy Russia's economy and the people until he's ousted. He's just a modern day version in the line of autocratic Soviet and Russian leaders who only see the "glory" of Russia than the country and people of Russia.

And that's the longer term question facing this president and the successors. Putin thinks he can out live anyone in the White House. We have to remember, Ukraine isn't about us or what we say or do, much against all the wingnuts, it's about Russia and Putin.

President Obama sees it and knows it. Let's consider he's playing chess while Putin is playing checkers. Putin may win part of Ukraine for now but not eventually as the EU and US help build it's economy away from Russia to show Putin why he can't win the longterm game nor his tenure as President.

Sadly for the people of Ukraine, patience is our best ally, something Putin doesn't have and Obama has a lot.

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