Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Baseball iPhone Apps

I'm a casual baseball fan, mostly and sadly follow the Seattle Mariners (we're no match for Cub fans on historical frustration) and follow the Boston Red Soxs. The problem is I never remember when games are played unless the TV is on and I remember, so all too often I just check the scores the next day.

To that end I usually go to Major League Baseball's Website. Quick and easy and relatively easy to navigate with lots of basic information which is about all I need to know, which is scores, standing and the season team statistics.

I don't follow other sports too much outside of Formula One, the NFL and World Cup soccer (the every 4 year men's and women's events and yes it's 2014 and 2015, respectively). What I wanted is a simple baseball app for the iPhone. Not the iPad because that's a waste of an iPad for me.

So browsing through the Apple App Store I ended up buying two, B'14 and 2014 Baseball. They each seem to offer some different features and functions while offering the basic stuff I wanted, and I have to say between the two, there's one good app.

Yeah, each has parts of what I wanted but neither offers the three things I want, which is team schedules by day and week and individual team schedules by month, daily scores with the full history to scroll back, mostly to the day before when I forgot or went to bed, and current standings.

Outside of that, it's all just wasted space to me. I like 2014 Baseball for the user interface and display. I don't really need the news. The problem is this app only has today's scores in the order I like early to late games. It stores the of games in the team information by win or loss but no scores.

As for B'14 it doesn't remember where you left the app and always resorts to the standings. It also always resorts to week 1 scores which is spring training into week 3 so you have to scroll to the week and day you want from previous days. Dumb.

It does the same thing with the team scores and schedule, resort to spring training games where you have to remember when the season started (March 30th or 31st, except the LA Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks games in Australia). Also Dumb.

These should be fixed as well as the game listing, it's latest to earliest, which is also Dumb (all with a capitol D for really dumb). This app has in-app purchases, but really save your money and use a real computer to get the same information.

So, that's my take on them. Both decent, especially for the money, $1-2, but could be better. Overall, I like Baseball 2014 and would remove the rest if you could scroll days for scores. It's clean, neat, relatively efficient with one bug.

If you go to the menu you can go back to the same page, you have to click to a different one and then go back to the menu to reselect the one you wanted to go back too. That's the only dumb (little d) with this app.

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