Thursday, April 3, 2014

Two out of three

The wealthy now have achieved two out of three goals to controlling our governement to their interests and against the American people.

The first goal was to buy a political party and through the PAC's and SuperPac's and now with the US Supreme Court decision in McCutcheon vs FEC, they can donate 10's of millions to all the candidates of the Republican Party who will be pushing the agenda of their wealthy donors or lose the money. The Republican party will be bought and owned by the wealthy like the Koch Brothers.

The second goal was to get Republicans controlling the legislature and governorship in as many big states they can, and with the 2010 election of Republican legislature and governorship in those states they gerrymandered the Congressional districts to ensure near permanent Republican representatives to Congress and reducing the number of Democratic representatives less than the proportion of the registered democrats in those states.

They accomplished those goals and while the second will be up for grabs again in the 2014 election, they have a good chance to keep some of those states in Republican hands with the deep pockets of the wealthy buying ads to sell their candidate and lie about the democratic candidates.

The third goal is the 2016 White House, but it's less about the Presidency and more about the government itself, to get control of all the government agencies to change how laws and regulations are implemented and how money is spent, and work to shutdown if not eliminate government agencies.

That's what we saw under President Reagan and the second President Bush when they gutted rules and regulations and wrote billions of money to contractors for doing little or nothing in return and profit corporations including  the Vice President Cheney's (Haliburton) and the war profiteers with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

And with the two Supreme Court decision, the wealthy will be spending 100's of millions to buy the White House as well as the Congressional elections and the states' elections. That's their goal and they have two of the three done and checked off and all they need is a Republican President.

Will we let them? That's our choice now in 2014 changing red states to blue and returning the House to the Democrats, and in 2016 to elect a Democratic President. That's our goal to get all three and regain our democracy for the people, by the people and of the people, and not just the  money of the wealthy.

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