Thursday, April 24, 2014


Apparently the pundits on Fox News have defined a patriot, such as Cliven Bundy, as someone who grazes cattle on federal land without a lease and in violation of two court orders, refuses to pay grazing fees for 20+ years owing $1 million, and has vowed to refuse to pay income taxes.

They argue a patriot can be a taker of the government resources and money, the same as anyone on federal social and health benefits while defining who is or isn't a patriot by distinguishing between the legality and type of government benefits they receive.

Obviously taking government benefits illegally is a patriot but working and earning legal benefits is a taker. Illegally taking and profitting from grazing privileges on federal land is a patriot. Taking legally earned benefits for food stamps, housing subsidies, Medicaid, childcare benefits, education benefits, etc. is a taker.

And now they have added to the definition that the person can be a devout racist against black people, suggesting they would be better as slaves. They issued statements criticizing his racism but they haven't distanced him as a patriot even after the racist comments.

To them he's still a patriot because he's white and fighting the federal government. Everything else is something to overlook, even violating federal laws and court orders, and being a devout racist. That's  Fox News.

And you can bet when the BLM does finally remove Bundy's cattle from the federal lands which have been set aside for the Desert Tortiose, file liens against the sale of any cattle for his overdue grazing fees, and file liens against his property for back taxes, Fox News will still call him a patriot.

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