Thursday, November 22, 2012

Comcast Update

Well, last night I got a call from one of the audio technician or engineers, I don't know which and it really doesn't matter since the guy was smart about the audio signals and the RNG150N cable box with the digital coaxial and optical outputs.

Anyway, the jest of the conversation was that I had tested everything correctly to determine something between the cable box audio outputs and the Rotel digital-to-analog converter wasn't working and since the Rotel has worked with two DAT decks and two CD-R/RW players and currently works with a DVD-RW on either input/output using the same cable I used with cable box, the problem is with the box.

He gave me something to look at in the menu settings, one of those which isn't in the main user setup and you need the secret handshake to get into it, but he doubted there is anything to which is the source of the problem, since the box autodetects its digital or optical outputs to other inputs.

While there are differences in audio digital, which has more to do with the signal frequency all stereo equipment auto detects, and none in optical output, the box should still produce a standard audio signal for other audio equipment. There's nothing unique about the audio output.

But he did confirm something I found doing some research and something I knew from previous cable box audio output. The first issue is that there are a number of companies making the RNG150N cable box, all different, which is the second issue, the software.

Comcast uses a standard software. The earlier versions were developed by Microsoft (MS), which was the source of the previous problem with the audio signal, that an other bugs, but then it's MS software and who expect good software from them ;).

The problem may be the current version of the software may not work the same on all the different RNG150N boxes. This may be why it doesn't recognize formatting the channel display (info button), schedule guide and the user menu in HD on HD channels the old box did display.

So the plan is to run the tests again looking at the hidden menu, and if nothing works, to schedule a technician with the test equipment to check the audio digital and optical of the box, and replace it if necessary.

And I have to note it is a good thing Comcast called. I will give them kudos for their service on this problem. They clearly went out of their way since past exchanges with them over similar and the same problem went nowhere fast.

This is a real change, thanks.

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