Saturday, November 3, 2012

Women's Fashion

Obvious I'm no fashion expert by the longest shot imaginable, meaning I live is jeans or shorts and t-shirts with sweaters or pullovers sportswear. But I like to browse a variety of Websites just to see what's going on and Tumblr is great for that.

That said, it seems to me there are three types of women's fashion, clothes for doing, meaning things like sports, exercise, hiking, hanging out, etc., clothes for life, meaning work and living, and clothes for dressup, meaning the obvious parties and looking pretty.

This kinda' explains why women have so much clothes and so many things since society demands they have clothes for the last two types and women get to choose if they want clothes for the first type. Men have the luxury of overlapping their clothes through two type to reduce the size of their wardrobe.

When I'm out I look at people to see the diversity of how both men and women dress, and yes, there are a lot of women who merge the first two types out of convenience, and I have to say much to their chargrin when others look at them and go, "Huh?"

Yeah, sweats on men or women don't look good in public along with running/biking clothes. I was raised by parents who never left the house without being dressed for life in public. My Dad would always shower, shave and dress in clean clothes even if he was going to one store for the day.

I've dropped much of what they taught me about clothes in public except I still always take a shower, cleanup and put on clean clothes appropriate for public, which is most often just jeans (still Levis 501 after 40+ years) or short (love Gramicci shorts) and t-shirts with pullover something and a coat.

Anyway, this was just an observation. No wonder women are expected and forced by society to make clothes important in their presentation. We see the choices women make in public about that every day, all the while men don't have such pressure unless they choose, and many don't.

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