Saturday, November 24, 2012

Removing App Store Apps

Update.--Well, I got a response from Apple which didn't exactly please me for the choices they give, meaning either download the update, and risk the files with your current (latest) version or remove the old one from the Applications folder and it should revert to "Download" instead of "Update", but this last choice didn't work.

I found another solution on a Website which suggested holding the Option key while hitting the "Update" button and it will either change to "Download" or "Installed", and in this case the latter, and since it's the last update the company sent to the App store (the latest version doesn't comply with Apple's rules for applications), it shouldn't show an update anymore.

So it's solved for now, but it doesn't change my suggestion to Apple to allow users to remove apps from their account. If Apple can do it, then customers should equally be able to do it since it's their account.

I've been in a "conversation" with folks at the Apple App store about removing some applications I bought but have transferred from the App Store to the particular software company and their Website. I want to remove the apps from my account for a variety of reasons.

In some cases the software company decided to promote and sell their applications through their Website with the latest version and either being to slow to update or not updating the App Store with newer versions.

In some cases the software company decided just to freeze, meaning no longer update, the app in the App store because their newer version don't comply with Apple's new sandbox or other rules for applications.

In some cases the software company offers subscriptions, enchancements or additional parts to applications which isn't allowed through the App store, so they offer those versions through their Website while offering the "lite" version on the App store.

In any event I've transferred three apps in the App store, but my account shows only two, which is my beef with Apple about users and applications in their accounts. If Apple can remove apps from users' account because the company left the App store altogether, then why can't users do the same themselves?

I want to remove the two apps I've hidden. One keeps telling me there's an update but the App store version is two versions behind, one is an update to that version and one is an upgrade to a new generation of the software, both only offered through the company's Website.

Both of these versions don't comply with Apple's rules for OS-X 10.8, hence just leaving the last version there for OS-X 10.7 users. I updated to the 10.8 version and then upgraded to the new generation of the software.

And that's my complaint and question. Why can't I simply remove them since I no longer want them in my account? Why can't Apple let users remove applications from their account or at least provide a service to request it be removed by Apple?

If Apple can remove apps from users' account, why can't we?

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