Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tumblr Users

Update.-- see new suggestions in blue (this color) below.

To the folks who have Tumblr Websites, I have a few suggestions when you set the preferences for your display and presentation of your post, blogs and reblogs. I've mentioned this before somewhere else but I want to emphasize it here.

First, a simple thing, enable horizontal scroll so people don't have to resize their browser window to get the full view of your Tumblr site and use the links often on the left or right edges. There's a reason for this suggestion.

Many folks like me use a fixed size browser window, often useful for Web page designers and developers, yeah like me. I use a 900x1024 (width x height) pixel window to design my Web pages for a 800x1024 browser size and a 600x900 content size.

This is a more traditional size for reading documents, newspapers, etc., and still often used by newspaper and magazine Websites. It's a carryover from the print tradition based on the normal reader's vision. It works.

So without horizontal scrolling I have to readjust to a wider Web page(s) display. I keep a white 900x1024 image file on my Website to adjust back, but it's an annoyance which is easily fixed when the person with the Tumblr Website enables the horizontal scroll.

Second, some like the endless vertical display, which his handy if you want everything in one page and the visitor can simply scroll up and down. I'm ok with it, except it slows loading sometimes when there is a lot of content and the visior has reached the bottom and has to wait while the next page(s) to load.

But my point isn't that, it's when you click on one entry which often goes to a new page, and once you've seen or read it you click back to the main Web page. Can you please set the preference to remember where the visitor left the main page.

This is important if the visitor has scrolled down a lot of pages and clicking back put them at the top or beginning agan, and they have to rescroll again to the place they were. This doesn't last long as the visitor often just says, "Screw it", and leaves.

The visitor can help sometimes on Mac's by using the Command Key and click the link which should open the link in a new tab, saving their place on the main Web page, but only if the Tumblr user sets the links to open in a new tab or Web page and not the same page.

If you don't set it, then they go to the page to return, and yes, back to the top of the main Web page again if it wasn't set to remember where the visitor left the main page.

If you don't know what this is Tumblr users, it's called user-friendly navigation. It's designed to help the user through your Website. It's old stuff to Website developers. If you don't get it, try using your own Tumblr Website which always has been a Website developer's rule, always test drive your own work.

Third is not about design but about content. Why reblog something if you don't add to the post? Reblogging doesn't do anything but expand your own readership, and even if you like it, why not add something so the visitor actually knows why you reblogged it.

In other words, express some intelligence about the post than simply posting it leaving the visitor to wonder why or what you think about it. It's like putting it in front of you and saying, "So what do you think?", and you don't saying anything.

It's like, "What, you don't have an opinon on why you saved (reblogged) something for us to see, hear or read? You just put it there for no reason?" Come on, put some thought into it, tell us why, what, anything than nothing.

At least some post a notice in their "About Me" section they post things they see and like, but even that is a cop out to avoid saying anything specific, or more than just an assumption you like it, even if sometimes I wonder if that's your taste, wow, have you seen a therapist about your problem?

Ok, kidding. Tumblr is for thinking out loud and put whatever strikes one's fancy for the moment. But why not at least say what the thought was behind posting it. Is that too much to ask from visitors, like are you real to tell us why you liked it and reblogged it?

Fourth, don't hide your images. First of all they are not your images, you reblogged them, or most of them since few Tumblr pages have original images or photos, but you can't really hide them by disabling the right click mouse control.

All images or photos are single file format with unique names, it's easy to find them in the HTML code any browser can display and search for the .png or .jpg file of the image. Also there are third party apps which identify the URL for each component in a Web page, including images where you can cut and past the URL into browser and get the image to save.

Trying to hide downloading an image isn't doing anything about copyrights or ownership, you likely stole it to reblog it, so why hide it on your Tumblr blog?

Fifth, please when you post some fashion clothes, can you include the source, or at least links where you found it so people can actually research who makes the item, who sells it and if it's availble? If you thinks it's so cool to reblog, why not share where we can find it?

That's it for now. I'll add more frustrations, er. suggestions, when I run into them.

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