Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mr Boehner

Mr Boehner,

What do you plan to say and what do you plan to do if the Democrats and the President decide to do nothing in the lame duck session about the "fiscal cliff" crisis and let all the Bush tax cuts, especially those on the top 2% you are so desparately defending, expire?

What will you tell your supporters, the wealthy, the corporations, and your party? What will you tell the American people, you know the 99%, about your arrogance and obstinance to negotiate and compromise?

What will you tell the media why you are the only one defending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy? Do you really plan to be totally dedicated to the Tea Party wing of your party over the rest of the Republican party?

What will you say when we know just how stupid you are on this issue, how dumb your words are when we know they're just your usual political rhetoric, and the tone and tenor of what you mean is empty and meaningless?

What will you say? But then do you realize there isn't anything you can say we haven't heard, anything you say we know isn't bullshit, and everything you are is just a liar?

Will you then get the message? Or will you continue to be arrogantly ignorant?

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